Principal's Weekly Message- September 22, 2023

Campus Updates & Reminders:

Congratulations to all of our 1st through 6th grade students on completing their first iReady diagnostic of the year. As a staff we will be analyzing this data and determining appropriate support throughout the year for our students’ success. Families will receive a copy of these assessment results by conference week.

Traffic continues to be a big talking point and concern for our Korematsu community. I am in talks with the school district to redo some striping and signage to give clear guidance and communication in our parking lot. In the meantime, it is IMPERATIVE that we as an entire school community follow the traffic patterns of our parking lot. While we all understand that our lives are busy and we are often in a hurry, there have been far too many close calls over the last week. The absolute last thing we want is an injury that could have easily been avoided. Davis PD is also assisting with our traffic patterns and will be visible on campus frequently. Here are the major “need-to-knows”:

  • ALL lanes of our parking lot are one way. Do not attempt to drive against the arrows painted on the ground.
  • The entrance on Loyola Drive is ONLY one way. DO NOT use this as an exit. The exit for our parking lot is on Alhambra Drive.
  • The left lane of the traffic loop should be used for through traffic ONLY. NEVER let your kids enter or exit the vehicle from this lane. All cars utilizing the traffic loop should drop off and pick up students against the curb.
  • When walking through the parking lot, use the crosswalk located near the library. Foot traffic should not walk through the traffic lanes.

If we all commit to these expectations, we can keep our campus and students safe.


PTO Message:

The online spirit store is now open! Use the link below to access your swag items! The store will be open until October 8th. It takes approximately 3-4 weeks for shipping.

We are halfway to our goal for this year’s back to school PTO fundraising drive. You can make donations here:

Frozen Fridays will continue until 10/6. Remember, funds from this event go directly towards supporting our annual sixth grade science trip to Sly Park.

Important Dates:

September 26- Picture Day

September 26- ELAC Meeting in the Korematsu MPR (6:00pm)

September 27- Donuts with DPD (8:00am on the library quad)

September 27- PTO Evening at Farmer’s Market (5:00-7:00pm); Food Vendors from 3:00-6:00 or bring your own picnic.

September 29- Frozen Friday