Korematsu's Technology Corner


Technology is a vital part of our daily lives. When we use the word technology we think of computers and cell phones, yet it’s so much more.

No matter how simple or elaborate technology is, we should always teach young, teach proper use and teach safety.

Silvana Cagnasia DAlessandro, IT Specialist
- [email protected]

Distance Learning 2020
For the Distance  Learning 2020-21 we are using Canvas.
To Log In to Canvas, go to https://djusd.instructure.com/
and click the big blue button "DJUSD LOG IN"

Log In to Canvas with your Google credentials
Canvas login

After you login, you will see your Dashboard:

canvas dashboard
Links for K1
Starfall Access
Go to https://www.starfall.com.

Click on "Sign In" at the top right corner of the page.

Enter your access code in the field labeled "Have an access code?" then click "Register your Access Code."

On the membership form enter an email address and password to represent your account.

Parents and teachers can also visit the Starfall Parent-Teacher Center at teach.starfall.com for free worksheets and other instructional resources at home.