Principal News October 3, 2021

Hi there,

I usually forward my parent message to all of you on Monday morning, but since there are some hot topics in this newsletter I wanted you all to have it early to add any support in your communications to parents. Hot topics: drop-off/pick-up etiquette, bathrooms, Davis Bike/Walk to School day on Wednesday, and social media challenges (more directed to 5th/6th grade). Any extra support from you will help! Here is the message:
Hello Korematsu Families,

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I hope everyone enjoyed your weekend. We had a GREAT picture day last week. For those that missed it or need a retake, the photographers from Dorian will be back on November 15, 2021 (we will send reminders when it gets closer). Here are a few updates for this week:

Drop-Off and Pick-Up at the Front of School
As everyone is aware, drop-off and pick-up can be stressful due to the backlog of cars on campus and the traffic on Loyola Drive. It can be quite stressful for all involved. We have been experiencing an uptick in cars not following the safety rules and verbalizing anger towards my staff. Again, I understand that it can be stressful, but it is important for all of us to work together to keep our students safe. Please support with the following:

  • The goal for dropping off and picking up students in the driveway of the school is to hop in (dismissal) and hop out (drop-off). It is a quick transition.
    o This will assist with the traffic issues on Loyola.
  • If you have a student who needs more time in getting out of the car in the morning, please park and give your student the extra time needed.
  • When walking from the parking lot, please use the crosswalk (yes, it is extra steps and an extra 30 seconds of time, but it can save a life). We have many parents with students crossing in front of cars, which leads to students thinking it is okay to walk out into the parking lot on their own without using the crosswalk.

School Site Council

We need to fill two out of five parent spots this year for our School Site Council (SSC). I have 1 candidate and still need at least 1 more candidate in order to fill my two open parent spots. If you are interested please email me at [email protected]. Once I have interested candidates, I will put out a ballot for voting next week. Here are the commitments needed for a Site Council Member:
• It is a 2 year commitment
• We meet once a month (will continue in the zoom format until further notice) in the afternoon after school (3:30-4:30 pm).

Superintendent's Advisory Committees

The superintendent meets with different advisory groups of parents and staff throughout the year to get the pulse of the district as a whole and to assist with supporting our Board of Trustees and district-wide decision making. Each advisory/committee meets 3-4 times a year (currently all on zoom). We are still looking for Korematsu representatives in the following advisories and committees:

  • Superintendent’s Special Education Advisory
  • Dsitrict Campus Climate Committee
  • Native American Parent Committee

Please email if you are interested in being on one of the advisories or committees at [email protected] along with which one you would be interested in joining.

City of Davis Bike & Walk to School Day- Wednesday, October 6th

This Wednesday is Bike & Walk to School Day. All students who bike/walk/scooter/etc. to school and check in at the station by the bike racks at the playground will receive fun prizes. Your student can still sign up to participate in Active4me (even on the event day). Here is a flyer about this week’s event:

The City of Davis would also like parents to fill out their Safe Routes to School Survey. Click here and then make sure to click on our school to take the survey. Thank you!

Social Media Challenges

As you may be aware, last month, the Devious Lick TikTok Challenge emerged where students across the nation practiced varying levels of vandalism at their school campuses. It is being reported that these challenges could possibly be in place each month of the school year. Next up for October is the “Slap a Teacher” challenge, which encourages students to walk up to their teachers and calmly slap them before running away, all while ensuring the action is caught on camera.
While we would hope that our DJUSD students would not engage in this type of unacceptable behavior, we ask that you talk to your student/s about why engaging in these challenges is wrong, and discuss the possible consequences of participating in any of these TikTok challenges. We strive to provide a safe environment at all our school sites, and this type of disrespectful and disruptive behavior does not belong in the Davis Joint Unified School District.
Although we are an elementary school, we have several intermediate students who are on social media and are aware of the challenges popping up on TikTok either by their own accounts or by learning from older siblings. In September an earlier TikTok challenge made it’s way onto our campus with sixth graders. It is called “slap neck” and the intent is to slap an unsuspecting person on the back of their neck in hopes to have them pass out. Our new rule here at Korematsu is if TikTok suggests to do something, don’t do it! Any support from home will be much appreciated. The above challenge about hitting a staff member and the ones that are scheduled to make their rounds in upcoming months will lead to suspension if done on campus.


We have been having some issues with bathroom use here at school. The following is what we are seeing: urinating on the floors (mostly in the boys’ bathroom, but has happened in the girls’ bathrooms too), clogging toilets with both toilet paper and paper towels, hitting the soap dispensers multiple times, getting soap all over the floor, and locking stalls from inside and crawling under so no one can use the bathroom after them. Bathrooms also seem to be a fun place to play or hide from friends during recess (I remember this from my days as an elementary student). Teachers did lessons on proper bathroom use with students all last week and will continue to promote proper bathroom hygiene moving forward. Although we have seen some improvements, we would appreciate support from families at home!


We have the BEST parents here at Korematsu! Thank you for the encouraging chalk messages for all staff, and the little treats we have received by PTO. We appreciate your support!!

We had 80% of our students Covid test through HDT last Thursday! Happy October!

All the Best,
Principal Curtaz