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4th - Class Newsletter and Homework Menu #3:November 2018-19      



Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday:

Math: Watch Video, have a conversation, play math game or complete math page

Spelling: Study your spelling cards for our first assessment this week.

Reading: Read and fill in Reading Log with assignment given by Mrs. Scott



Relax and Have a Great Weekend!


Curriculum This Week:

Math:  We are starting Chapter 1, which is all about simple multiplication and division. Some students will work on understanding the concept of why multiplication works the way it does, others will be practicing the ones they still need to memorize or find a strategy for the answer and others will be working on a project. Even though we will move on from this chapter after Thanksgiving, some students will still need to continue their individual practice at home.

Language Arts: Literature – We are in the midst of learning about our Governments Role in the Life of its Citizens. Writing – Personal Narratives are being created. The students have completed their first rough draft and have been read by the teachers. The students are also learning different computer skills like double spacing and strike thru to show their changes. Grammar -  We have taken the following grammar lessons from our first reading of the narratives. We will begin with fragment/run-on sentences, when to use "I' or "me" depending when it is used as a subject of the sentence or an object of the sentence, and then the many uses for the comma.  Spelling –  We will be working with Latin and Greek Roots to help us learn how to figure out new words. Our first assessment is this week, so the students will be taking home their spelling cards to study.  Social Studies: Next week, we have begun our first unit where we will learn about California's Four Regions. The students were placed in groups to find information to answer the following question, "Which California Region is the best to live, work and play in?" Science: The students will be with Ms. Cooper all year.  


Items/People Needed:

  • We need Kleenex please.

For Your Information:

  • This Friday is part of Parent/Teacher Conference week, so the students will be released from school at 1:30pm. The next week from Nov. 13 - 16, the students will leave school at 1:30 all week for Parent/Teacher Conferences. I look forward to seeing everyone for Parent/Teacher Conferences. If you haven't signed up for a time here is the website to do so:

  • There is No School for students on Monday, 11/12 but I will be here for Parent/Teacher Conferences.
  • The Book Fair is coming to Korematsu starting this Friday, please come check it out to support our library. Family Night will take place Tuesday, 11/13 from 5:30 - 7:30pm.
  • A PTO Meeting will also take place on Tuesday, 11/13 that starts at 7:00pm.
  • Picture Retakes will take place on Nov. 16.
  • Thanksgiving Break is the full week of Nov. 19 - 23, No School!!!! I will keep the Home Binders over the break.
  • I will see everyone at school on Nov. 26.






Items and People Needed:

  • I put events in the calendar, and I believe it's working. 



For Your Information:

  • Your student will need extra pencils through the school year because I only give them a new one at the beginning of the year besides the rest of their supplies they need.